Tools for Brokers Tools for Brokers is not only a software developer, we are the company that provides convenience and expansion for brokerage business. Acquiring our products, brokerage companies extend their marketing opportunities which are considered to be the 70% of success in their business.

As we are working in a dynamic, constantly changing industry, one of our main goals is to adjust to customers’ needs. Analyzing requests of our customers and new trends on the Forex market we often add something new to our existing products and, of course, develop custom solutions, which enable brokers to provide unique services to their clients.

During our 5 years’ experience on Forex market we have resolved hundreds of difficult situations and have found ways to deal with different kinds of challenges that a software company can face.  That is why it was a logical step for us to start providing brokerage consulting service-Fx Consult.  We are ready to help our clients on such issues as MT4 server configuration, selecting necessary software, choosing a liquidity provider, providing server stability and many others. This service can be useful for startups as well as for established companies. And one more new direction of our business is providing our server for rent - White Label Solution. This is very competitive service on the market, because renting our server includes using all our best solutions for brokerage.

Our Advantages

-Comprehensive support 24/7

-Transparent system of pricing

- Tracking of custom development process

-Constant improving of our service

-Frequent plugins updates, adding new features

-Large range of ready-made solutions

-Working on non-standardized tasks
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