CPattern is the pioneer of real-time trading behavior analytics services. Using unique models of analyis, CPattern provides valuable solutions for both traders and brokers to maximize human potential and market opportunities.

Its Guardian Angel™ software uses trading behavior logic to direct a trader's attention to areas of importance. It analyzes each trader's activity in real time and compares it to known trading best-practices. Each trader is given personal feedback in real time after opening or closing a position about various aspects of his or her trading that should be considered. Guardian Angel’s™ expert feedback has already been proven to increase responsible trading, promote learning, increase awareness and provide a better understanding of market dynamics

CPattern also provides brokers with ground breaking real time trading analytics to enhance customer conversion and retention. The platform analyzes behavioral patterns and reflects to the broker opportunities for engaging with the right customer, the right timing, and with the right message. This service significantly reduces broker’s reaction time to significant and complex events in trading and enables sensitive, efficient and quick response. This increases broker’s ability to provide high quality service for his customers, and exactly when they need it.

Guardian Angel™

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