New Depth of Market from Boston Technologies

Boston, MA November 26, 2014


Boston Technologies Powered by Forexware LLC, a global provider of foreign exchange trading solutions, is pleased to announce the we have launched a complimentary Depth of Market MT4 Application for all Boston Technologies clients who are using Boston Technologies or Boston Prime MT4 white labeled terminal.

Depth of Market Application for MetaTrader4 allows MT4 traders to view in real time full depth-of-book with live prices and associated liquidity bands inside company’s branded MT4 terminal. This allows traders to monitor market dynamics and make more educated decisions on their trade sizes and trade style.

Our Depth of Market (DoM) Forex Liquidity Monitoring Application for MetaTrader4 allows your clients to view full depth-of-book with live prices and associated quantities inside your company’s branded MT4 terminal in real time. The live display provides benefits to traders over the prevalent best bid/offer display found on most FX platforms.

This is a great solution for ECN/STP brokers. Market Depth easily integrates with our One-Click Trading application. The best Offer (ASK) and the best BID are displayed in a table along with the capped volume available at given prices.

The DoM Application integrated with Boston Prime liquidity can support up to 12 market levels by including a consolidated view of available liquidity from the major FX banks in our BBO system. The incoming information is much more precise and enables clients to view the market by their preferred dealing quantities. DoM is also connected to 49 FX pairs (with the possibility to add more on demand) and SPOT Gold.



Liquidity layers streamed in MT4 application are indicative and do not warrant fills at the prices broadcasted.
Trades will be filled at the best available market price at the time when trade reaches execution engine.