New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 625

Boston, MA March 21, 2014

Boston Technologies would like to inform you that MetaQuotes Software is planning a MetaTrader 4 platform update to build 625 that will be released on Friday, March 21, 2014. Please note Boston Technologies will NOT be releasing this upgraded version on this day.  We will conduct extensive testing before releasing to our Live environment.
You will be receiving a separate notice with upgrade instructions once we are ready to release new version to to BT Live environment.

Summary of changes

Client terminal updates

  • Market: Added new product category in MetaTrader AppStore - Magazines. Now, users can buy not only trading applications but also trading and financial magazines quickly and easily.









  • Added support for optimization by a custom result implemented in OnTester handler of an Expert Advisor as well as TesterStatistics function for accessing test results from OnTester handler and optimization by the enumeration type's input parameter.













If OnTester handler is present, OnTester result column with the values obtained from the handler is displayed in the optimization results:








  • Changed functionality of Expert Advisors button “AutoTrading”. Now, all Expert Advisors receive all events (Tick, Timer, ChartEvent) regardless of the button's status (ON/OFF), like in MT5. The status of AutoTrading button affects only performance of OrderSend, OrderModify, OrderClose and OrderDelete trading functions.










  • New condition is added for disabling the automated trading  based on symbol or chart period change. If that condition is enabled  the automated trading will be  prohibited if symbol or chart period changes.



MQL4 updates:

  • Added receiving symbol's SYMBOL_PATH property.
  • Added operation of OBJPROP_FILL and OBJPROP_HIDDEN object properties.
  • StringSplit operation now matches the Help description - when passing NULL string, 0 is returned.
  • Added ENUM_SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION and ENUM_SYMBOL_TRADE_MODE enumerations to the language.
  • Accelerated file operations.
  • Fixed conversion of lines from ANSI to Unicode and vice versa for hieroglyphic languages.