MetaTrader 4 Platform Update Build 670

Boston, MA July 8, 2014

Boston Technologies would like to inform you that MetaQuotes Software is planning a MetaTrader 4 platform update to build 670 that was released on Friday, July 4, 2014. Please note Boston Technologies will NOT be releasing this upgraded version on this day.  We will conduct extensive testing before releasing to our Live environment.

You will be receiving a separate notice with upgrade instructions once we are ready to release new version to to BT Live environment.

Summary of updates:
 MetaTrader 4 Client terminal

Terminal: Preparatory works for Cloud Hosting implementation.

I. Virtual Hosting Cloud

**VIrtual Hosting will not be available for use in Build 670 - it will be available at the later release of MetaTrader.
In order to experience optimum performance, Expert Advisors have to be running 24 hours a day without interruption. It is inherently risky for a trader to run an EA on their home or work PC because there are typically no safeguards against loss of network connectivity,power interruptions or hardware failures.

MetaQuotes Software Corporation is introducing Virtual Hosting Cloud in the new release of MetaTrader 4 to address this issue.
Virtual Hosting Cloud is a server network distributed all around the world and supporting special versions of MetaTrader client terminal. Selection of a the closest geographical location, service plan, payment and synchronization is fully automated. In 5 easy steps, traders can rent the virtual copy of a terminal with minimal network latency to the broker's trade server and select the most suitable service plan directly from MetaTrader 4.

1. Virtual Hosting Wizard can be launched by selecting "Register a Virtual Server" command in the account context menu.













2. Follow registration steps to create new MQL5 account or use existing login/password.
3. After registration is completed, wizard will automatically scan all access points and provides you with the list of the most suitable servers.



4. Select one of the available service plans:



5. Migrate your data by selecting appropriate migration mode.



Using additional context menu, users can manage their virtual server (available in Navigator window):

● View the detailed information about the server.
● Synchronize MetaTrader 4 terminal environment.
● View MetaTrader 4 journal on the server.
● Start/stop the server.
● Terminate the server rent.

    II.New and revised demo account opening wizard has been introduced

    III.  Revised Navigator's context menu

● Login has been renamed to "Login to Trade Account"
● Added "Change Password" feature.
● Added "Register a Virtual Server" command.

  • IV.  "Indicators" and "Custom Indicators" have been combined into one category "Indicators"

    V. DOM - Quick and Easy Order Management update

    The new DOM tool allows placing, modifying and deleting market and limit orders quickly and efficiently.  The best “Depth of Market” prices are the current Bid and Ask prices for any given instrument.  The next level is set to the closest price at which a Limit order could be placed considering the stop and limit levels that have been setup for that particular instrument.  

    The Trade column displays buttons for placing one-click pending orders.  The order is placed by simply clicking on the trade button once, and the order is placed at the price shown in the corresponding Price column.  

 ● When selecting the BLUE arrow button in the Bid area, a buy limit order is placed at the specified price.
 ● When selecting the BLUE arrow in the Ask area, a Buy Stop order is placed.
 ● Conversely, when selecting the RED arrow button in the Ask area, a Sell Limit order is placed
 ● When selecting the RED arrow in the Bid area, a Sell Stop order is placed

  • Pending orders as well as stop loss and profit levels can be easily modified as well.  Simply drag-and-drop:


    If an existing limit order is dragged through the border separating the Ask and the Bid side, the type of an order will change (a Buy Limit order would be replaced by a Buy Stop order and a Sell Limit order will be changed to a Sell Stop).  The same rules would apply when modifying/dragging Stop orders.  

    To quickly remove a pending order, place the cursor over the pending order line, hold down the shift key and press on the (x) button that will appear in place of what used to be an arrow for placing a new order.  

    Using the Buy and Sell buttons of the DOM allows for a quick placement of market orders with a predetermined stop loss and take profit levels as well.

    Keyboard shortcut, Alt+R., is now available for "Tile Windows" command.

    DemoAccountMQL4 Update

    I. WebRequest function has been added
    WebRequest function has been added for working with HTTP requests allowing MQL4 programs to interact with different websites and web services.

    The new function allows any EA to exchange data with third-party websites, perform trades based on the latest news and economic calendar entries, implement analytics, generate and publish automatic reports, read the latest quotes and do many other things. The new feature is absolutely safe for traders, as they are able to manage the list of trusted websites the programs that have access to their account.

    WebRequest function sends and receives data from websites using GET and POST requests. To allow a MQL4-program to implement such requests, the "Enable WebRequest for the following URL" option needs to be enabled in the terminal settings and URL-addresses of trusted sites need to be manually specified.

    This option is disabled by default for security reasons.


    If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


    Thank You and Happy Trading!