MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 745

Boston, MA December 4, 2014


We are pleased to inform you that MetaQuotes Software recently released Build 745 for the MetaTrader 4 Platform.  Please note Boston Technologies does NOT upgrade on the same day.  We conduct extensive tests before releasing to our Live environment. You will receive a separate notice with upgrade instructions once testing is completed.

Summary of changes:

Client Terminal updates:

  • Fixed and error that could occasionally interfere with launching the client terminal under Windows XP x64.
  • Fixed generation of a file name when saving chart templates or a list of symbols selected in Market Watch.
  • Fixed saving Rich Content news having quotation marks in their headers.


MQL4 updates:

  • Added reading CHART_BRING_TO_TOP chart property (a chart is displayed on top of other charts) in ChartGetInteger function.


MetaTrader 4 Manager build 745:

  • Fixed saving selected columns in the client's trading history table.
  • Fixed saving Rich Content news having quotation marks in their headers.
  • Fixed errors reported in crash logs.


Meta Quotes Virtual Server Hosting

MetaQuotes is now offering a solution to create a copy of the terminal in the cloud space and stay connected 24 hours a day. It's ideal for traders using robots or copying deals in the Signal service. To access the setup wizard, simply right click over your account and select "Register a Virtual Server."

MT4 build 745_1

Metaquotes hosting has several advantages over conventional VPS solutions:

1. It is a standard feature available to all MT4 Client Terminals.

2. The Virtual Hosting Wizard is designed with a few simple steps so a trader may create a terminal copy vs. having to create an account, launch an Expert Advisor, or connect remotely to a signal via a virtual machine. In the wizard, choose your options, then click Next.

MT4 build 745_2

3. MQ provides access to your broker's server with the low latency. They offer many access points all around the world. 

4. When the terminal copy is launched, traders are still able to control the most critical activity. They can upload a new EA, connect to a new signal and examine consumption of PC resources - CPU, memory and hard disk.

 MT4 build 745_3