Major MT4 Update v.600

Boston, MA February 12, 2014

Released: February 3rd, 2014. 

Major Highlights

1. MQ has upgraded MQL4 to almost match MQL5
 - It now may use libraries and be ported to other languages
 - This means the EAs will be compatible with MQL5
 - Most of Existing EAs should work as usually. We do, however, highly recommend that you recompile your expert advisors in new environment and correct any errors.
 - Launch of MetaTrader 4 Market -
 - Users will now be able to instantly buy and install applications (EAs and indicators)
 - Anyone can register to sell and Buy 

2. Experts file structure has changed, moving each type into an appropriate folderMQL4 programming language has been completely revised
 - Now you can develop trading robots in MQL4/5 using the unified MetaEditor development environment, single style, libraries and debugging tools

3. Revised the structure of accepting and processing trade requests - trading speed has been increased, while the server load has been reduced

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Summary of Client Terminal Updates

1. Orders opening and closing time is displayed up to seconds

2. Quotes time in the Market Watch is now displayed up to seconds

3. Increased operation speed of MQL4 apps, provided built-in support of DLL and Visual Studio, implemented access to MQL5 Storage and much more

4. MQL4 now features new graphical objects and new functions for working with charts

5. Added new char, short, long, uchar, ushort, uint, ulong and double data types
- This will allow transferring codes from other C++ like languages.

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