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Martingale Grid


Martingale, a term taken from gambling, relates to increasing risk after consecutive losses.  When a trader doubles his risk on the next trade, he can potentially recover not only the loss on the past trade, but also achieve the amount of profit that he original desired.

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RSI Line Cross


The RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) is a ranging indicator that seeks to identify overbought and oversold market-based products.  Signals from this expert advisor should perform well in range-bound markets, while signals would be expected to generate losing trades during trending markets. Learn More & Download this EA


Donchian Breakout


The Donchian Breakout strategy utilizes four week cycles to determine breakouts. This strategy works well when the market trends in the same direction for several months. This strategy is not well-suited to short term traders. Learn More & Download this EA

Chart Overlay 


Chart Overlay allows to place two currencies onto the same chart on MetaTrader and apply indicator to the chart. For instance, you can have EURUSD and USDJPY in the same chart to create an overlay for comparison. Download