Off-Hours MT4 Plug-In

Boston, MA March 29, 2011

Taking problems or roadblocks and finding solutions for them is one of our core philosophies here at Boston Technologies.  A perfect example of this concept in action is the Off-Hours Metatrader 4 (MT4) Plug-In we’ve recently developed. The problem this plug-in solves is fairly simple: making it possible to modify or place pending orders over the weekends. 

As any forex trader knows, if you wait too long on Friday to put in a new position or modify an existing one, your next chance won’t come until Sunday evening.  By Sunday it’s often too late as price action might have already moved out of your favor.  To add to this frustration is the fact that most traders have busy schedules like the rest of us so will often wait until the weekend to perform their analysis.  As we know it’s not possible to place or modify pending orders on the weekend so they must patiently sit on their thumbs until Sunday night.  “Even though the pricing feed is not available doesn’t mean forex traders shouldn’t have the ability to place pending orders of the weekends.   The plug-in I developed remedies the situation,” said Dmitry Orlovsky, one of our engineers here in Boston.